The New World of Batteries

Batteries play in the energy market an increasingly important role, Photo: Lichtblick
Batteries play in the energy market an increasingly important role, Photo: Lichtblick

Solar energy is booming. Last year, green energy accounted for around six percent of German electricity, supplied by approximately 1.5 million solar plants. That might not sound like much – but the amount of solar energy has tripled within the last five years. Should the trend continue at the same pace, then in just ten years, the sun could contribute to at least half of Germanyʼs electricity.

20,000 New Batteries in 2015

This scenario could also occur because the solar plantʼs “natural partner” is currently conquering the market. Last year 20,000 new solar batteries were installed in Germany. The combination of photovoltaic systems and storage enables home owners to also use low-priced solar energy in the evening for the first time.

The Tesla Energy Powerwall Sparks Price Drops

At the very latest, the market for batteries really took off when Teslaʼs CEO Elon Musk made the spectacular announcement that they would be building the worldʼs largest battery factory. Very few remain who still doubt the breakthrough of this technology. A study by Swedish researchers demonstrates that battery prices have been dropping for years and doing so more quickly than experts and energy politicians expected.
German researchers calculate that battery prices will drop annually by up to 20 percent.

The Energy Market Is Profiting from Battery Storage

The energy market is profiting from this new world of batteries. A new study by the renowned research institute Prognos has proven that solar energy that is produced and stored on site requires less expensive power lines. All consumers will benefit from this as network costs, which everyone pays in their electricity bill, will amount to less.
The think tank Agora Energiewende announced at a press conference held by WWF and LichtBlick that by their calculations, if all 18 million one- and two-family households were to rely on batteries in the future, then Germany would have an enormous capacity for energy storage. Linked to a huge ‘SchwarmBatterie®’, the performance level of home energy storage would be seven times higher than the performance level currently available in Germany through the pump hydroelectric power plants that are used to store electricity.

The Development of a Huge ‘SchwarmBatterie®’

In the future, the ‘SchwarmDirigent®’, an energy transition platform by LichtBlick, will link up numerous small batteries to form a giant cluster, turning them into a powerful ‘SchwarmSpeicher®’, a storage system. Intelligently networked and managed, the ‘Schwarm®’, a battery cluster, will thereby feed solar energy, which is generated on site but is not needed, into the grid at times of high demand. Or it can take excess wind power out of the grid, for example.

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