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Tesla and LichtBlick: The ‘SchwarmBatterie’ Cluster Battery

Tesla CEO introduces the battery in Los Angeles to the public. Photo: Lichtblick
Tesla CEO introduces the battery in Los Angeles to the public. Photo: Lichtblick

LichtBlick and Tesla have forged an electricity storage alliance. Their aim is to intelligently integrate the new Tesla Powerwall home battery into the energy markets. Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the innovative storage device in the early hours of Friday (CET) in Los Angeles. The Tesla batteries are attractive for households, businesses and SMEs that want to optimize the use of their own solar power.

Global Collaboration

Tesla and LichtBlick will initially work together in Germany and plan to expand their partnership to the EU, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. LichtBlick believes that the number of households and companies that generate and store electricity is set to increase sharply over the coming years.

A New Era in Energy

The latest Tesla product could mark the start of a new era in energy, moving away from centralized electricity produced and stored at large power plants to the “power plant house.”

Price Drop for Solar Storage

Musk’s announcement is nothing less than a price revolution in the battery market. The Powerwall, which starts at USD 3,000, is much more affordable than any battery systems before it and may trigger a price drop in the storage market. Regular production of the Powerwall will kick off this year.

The Lilfestyle-Battery ist offered in different colours. Picture: LichtBlick
The Lilfestyle-Battery ist offered in different colours. Picture: LichtBlick

Attractive for Households and Companies

Because the prices for solar cells will also continue to fall, the combination of photovoltaics system and storage will become more and more attractive for homeowners. Around 15,000 houses in Germany already use solar storage. This figure could skyrocket in the years to come.

LichtBlick Networks Batteries in a Cluster

Through clever networking and management, many individual batteries can be incorporated into a smart super storage system that absorbs excess wind and solar power from the grid when necessary and feeds it back into the grid during calm or cloudy periods.
That’s why Tesla entered into a partnership with LichtBlick. LichtBlick integrates batteries into energy markets with its one-of-a-kind ‘SchwarmDirigent’ cluster management IT platform. They thus become part of LichtBlick’s digital power plant. Homeowners with a battery will benefit, as LichtBlick gives them a share of the revenues generated through the energy market.

Decisive Step for the New Era of Distributed Energy

LichtBlick CEO and founder Heiko von Tschischwitz is happy about the collaboration with Tesla. Speaking at the periphery of the battery presentation in Los Angeles, he said: “The new Tesla batteries represent a milestone, since powerful, affordable batteries are a key technology in the distributed energy revolution. LichtBlick links distributed batteries to a powerful ‘SchwarmStrom’ storage system. The optimized use of millions of installed batteries, outside of buildings as well, plays a key part in ensuring that the new era of distributed energy shapes our energy supply system.

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