Two Strong Partners for the Energy Transition

LichtBlick is the leading supplier of real green energy in Germany. We are actively working towards the energy transition by creating innovative solutions such as ‘SchwarmEnergie.®’ We have already achieved a lot, but in order to make even greater waves we need a strong partner at our side. We have found this in the Dutch energy company Eneco. Eneco is the market leader for generating and trading sustainable energy in the Netherlands and supplies more than two million customers. Eneco also operates in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom.

Two strong partners - LichtBlick and Eneco join forces to speed up the energy transition in Europe, Picture: LichtBlick
Two strong partners – LichtBlick and Eneco join forces to speed up the energy transition in Europe, Picture: LichtBlick

Effective Team

Together we want to accelerate the energy transition and become an effective team working on green energy in Europe. Our goal is to offer our customers the very best green energy products and digital services. Eneco and LichtBlick share the belief that the global energy market will be undergoing a fundamental change due to the four megatrends of decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization, and democratization. Consumers will also become energy producer/consumers – and will therefore have more of a say in the energy market. This will bring lasting change to the role that energy companies such as LichtBlick and Eneco play. And so we are not idly waiting for the transition to take place, but together we are supporting these trends. We aim to develop outstanding smart energy solutions for private and business customers.

Smart Solutions for Tomorrow’s Customers

Eneco has developed the ‘Toon’ thermostat, a smart home platform, which customers in the Netherlands can use to conveniently monitor and manage the production and consumption of their energy. Toon is used by 320,000 Dutch households today. With ‘SchwarmDirigent®’ LichtBlick has developed the leading IT platform for smart energy, which is used to link systems that produce distributed energy – such as combined heat and power units, electric vehicles, heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, and battery storage devices – to the energy markets. This gives us two innovative products ready for the future of energy.
We also envision more opportunities arising from this partnership.  We plan on collaboratively developing products in the area of solar and storage systems and of smart charging of electric vehicles. We also aim to develop energy-sharing solutions that energy producer/consumers can use in the future to share their locally generated green energy with others.
The partnership between Eneco and LichtBlick creates a powerful force in the European energy market.

Find out more about LichtBlick’s international activities and our IT platform ‘SchwarmDirigent®’ at: www.lichtblick.com

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