Sharing is the New Buying – Even for Energy?

We use car-sharing services to get around town. We borrow books and tools via the internet. Even when we go on vacation we rent private homes instead of staying in hotels. We’ve all experienced the “sharing” trend. One out of every two Germans participates in the sharing economy and more people join every day. So at LichtBlick we posed the question: Why don’t we share energy?

Wave of the Future: Neighbors Sharing Energy

The idea of a sharing economy could turn the energy world on its head in the future. Today in Germany many private households are already producing solar energy. Most of the 1.5 million photovoltaics systems in Germany are installed on the roofs of private residences. And the number will keep growing. In the future, more houses will also be equipped with battery storage, which allows for using solar electricity in the evening.

Energy from Next Door

Isn’t it an exciting thought that in the future you could share energy with your neighbors? And thereby become less dependent on large corporations, coal, and nuclear power? Of course, that’s still just a vision of the future – and we don’t know now if it will become a reality.

Sharing via SchwarmEnergie®

At LichtBlick weʼre developing an online platform called SchwarmDirigent®, which will allow neighbors, friends, or companies to share energy in the future. The SchwarmDirigent® has already proved what it can do: It manages and orchestrates a wide range of distributed energy resources such as combined heat and power units, solar panels, electric cars, and battery storage. We then integrate the aggregated energy into different energy markets.  Through this one day we’ll be able to guarantee a stable energy supply thatʼs also 100% renewable.

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