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Energy network is developing into a distributed system because of the Internet of Energy, Picutre: Fotolia
Energy network is developing into a distributed system because of the Internet of Energy, Picutre: Fotolia

Our lives are becoming digital – our houses, our cars, and even we ourselves are networked. Only our electricity continues to be analog. But change is happening here as well, through the Internet of Energy.

Distributed Through a Network

The era of large centralized power plants is over. Instead, many distributed plants such as solar and wind energy plants produce electricity. But in order to ensure that many individual systems generate a secure and stable supply, they need to be networked with one another. LichtBlick already networks a variety of distributed generation units using its IT platform ‘SchwarmDirigent®’. The system provides network services and sells energy to the energy markets.

Energy Network is Becoming Interactive

In the future, generation systems, network components, appliances, and energy system users will exchange information with one another, setting and optimizing their processes in tune with one another. In this way, the existing energy network, with passive components that do not have a lot of information and communication that is largely unilateral is developing into an organized, distributed system that has plenty of room for interactive opportunities for optimization and new energy services.

Consumers Will Benefit

Consumers are benefiting more and more from energy being linked to a network. For example, LichtBlick is linking battery storage to a network to form batteries in a swarm and optimizing these. These batteries store energy when renewable sources are generating a lot of it, feeding it back into the grid when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. In this way, the batteries not only optimize energy use in the building they are used in but will also contribute together to the stability of the energy grid. Next, electric vehicles, or rather their batteries, will be better integrated into the energy market and used as mobile energy storage.

Internet of Energy is Coming

In order to expand the Internet of Energy, though, the network needs to be made smarter. Smart grids and smart meters will help with this. The expansion is still in the test phase in many countries and regions – if at all. Nonetheless, the Internet of Energy will definitely arrive. Whether its spread can match that of smartphones, however, remains to be seen.

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