Tesla Powerwall in the LichtBlick ‘Schwarm®’

Tesla’s announcement that it was bringing affordable high-performance battery storage to the market received a lot of attention. Now we’ve incorporated a Powerwall Home Battery by Tesla Energy as a LichtBlick ‘SchwarmBatterie®’ in Hamburg.

 Fill Up on Solar Energy with the Powerwall by Tesla

In a Hamburg apartment building called the ‘SchwarmHaus,’ the Powerwall in the ‘Schwarm®’ is storing solar energy from the roof and using it to charge two electric cars. This way the residents don’t need to wait for sunshine to refuel their electric vehicles. They can also recharge them on days when the sun isn’t shining or in the evenings. The Powerwall acts as a ‘SchwarmBatterie®’ for the building’s entire energy system, thanks to the ‘SchwarmDirigent®’, an IT platform developed by LichtBlick. But what exactly makes this battery so revolutionary, as it was called by Tesla’s Elon Musk? For one, the Powerwall is substantially more compact and smaller than all other battery types. Furthermore, it’s also more reasonably priced, which means that the Powerwall will lead to a real boom in energy storage.

‘SchwarmBatterie®’ for the German ‘Energiewende’

Powerwall by Tesla Energy stores solar energy and makes their owners more independed, Picture: LichtBlick
Powerwall by Tesla Energy stores solar energy and makes their owners more independed, Picture: LichtBlick

And this is a good thing! Battery storage is the next important building block for the ‘Energiewende,’ the energy transition, and for renewable energy sourcing that is completely free from CO2. Our ‘SchwarmBatterie®’ also offers a lot more than normal solar storage. It not only frees the customer from rising energy prices, but it also transforms the customer into a member of a powerful energy community. In the future, we want to intelligently connect storage as a ‘SchwarmBatterie®’ to the energy markets by using our IT platform ‘SchwarmDirigent®’. The batteries store energy when the sun and wind generate too much power and feed energy back into the grid when the renewable energy source produces too little power.

Find out more about LichtBlick’s international activities and our IT platform ‘SchwarmDirigent®’ at: www.lichtblick.com

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