The First Real Electricity Community

As first reported some time ago, we at LichtBlick are working on the Sharing Energy project. We are thus responding to the trend of our time: more and more people are generating their own electricity.

Sharing Green Electricity

Nearly 1.6 million solar panels have already been installed on German roofs. These panels often generate so much electricity that owners are unable to use all the energy themselves or store it. It would be ideal if they could share this excess green electricity with others. Due to the German Renewable Energy Act, sharing, or rather selling, solar power is currently not possible or economically feasible in Germany. This is why we at LichtBlick are initially concentrating on community electricity from combined heat and power (CHP) units – after all, there are around 34,000 of them in Germany.

LichtBlick and SenerTec start first real electricity community in Germany, Picture: LichtBlick/Sabine Vielmo
LichtBlick and SenerTec start first real electricity community in Germany, Picture: LichtBlick/Sabine Vielmo

Electricity Community with SenerTec

We’ve enlisted the help of SenerTec, Europe’s market leader for combined heat and power units, along with its Dachs CHP units. But how do you make electricity sourced from a combined heat and power unit available to everyone? In the case of CHP units, electricity is also generated through the creation of heat. This electricity can be used on site or, if there’s no own requirements, can be fed into the public grid. Before the green CHP electricity flows into the grid for a low feed-in tariff (FIT), we get involved. Most of the SenerTec CHP units are operated in accordance with the German Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG). While it may not be the case with wind and solar power, which is supported by the German Renewable Energy Act, delivering CHP electricity from customer A to customer B via our balancing group now makes economic sense, as can be verified. That sets our electricity community apart from “electricity communities” based primarily on German Renewable Energy Act solar power, which are already advertised by other suppliers.

A Look at the Future

Initially, only customers who have a SenerTec CHP unit in the cellar will be able to take part in our first electricity community. But our goal is, of course, to incorporate as many participants into the community as possible, once the economic situation and legal framework also allow for the development of community offers for wind and solar power.
Until then, it’s worth taking another look at how we envision the future of energy and the Sharing Energy project.

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