Heiko von Tschischwitz giving a keynote speech, Foto: LichtBlick SE


GO15 Conference in Dubai: How To Keep the Lights on?

While facing a growing number of distributed energy resources (DER), storage technologies and the shift from energy consumers to prosumers, global power grid operators (PGO) still need to master the same task. They need to keep the lights on and ensure reliable, cost-efficient access to electricity.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Although conditions for PGO’s have become trickier, several best practices within the industry already offer innovative solutions. What do these look like and how can they be applied?

Exhibition area at the GO15 Forum, Foto: LichtBlick SE
Exhibition area at the GO15 Forum, Foto: LichtBlick SE

These and other questions were addressed at the November “GO15. Reliable and Sustainable Power Grids” meeting in Dubai – a voluntary initiative of the 18 largest PGOs in the world. Themed ‘Power Grids and the challenges of climate change’, the event brought together 150 energy world leaders to engage in discussions about viable solutions for the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s power grids. The event was attended by grid operators, regulators, major electricity suppliers and representatives of government and international industry associations.

LichtBlick SchwarmDirigent® Applied in Praxis

LichtBlick was among a small selection of invitees from the energy industry to join the GO15 members in a one day forum. It was asked to present its innovative software platform SchwarmDirigent® (swarm maestro) and discuss its applicability in today’s energy world. The software platform flexibly orchestrates and optimizes all kinds and sizes of DER and empowers its users to participate in a wide range of energy markets. It has been proven in Germany since 2010 in several commercial projects.

Heiko von Tschischwitz explains benefits of the SchwarmDirigent®, Foto: LichtBlick SE
Heiko von Tschischwitz explains benefits of the SchwarmDirigent®, Foto: LichtBlick SE

Renewables Are on the Rise

Together, the GO15 members represent more than 70 percent of electricity demand worldwide. Out of a total of 2518 GW of generation capacity integrated into the grid, 21 percent is already derived from renewables. And more is yet to come, making intermittency and other challenges to PGOs ever more prominent. They are responsible for maintaining grid stability and resiliency, providing reliable grid access to customers, ensuring competitive prices and coping with increasing digital data management. As 24/7 operators of the energy supply system’s backbone, they play an essential role in making the power grid apt for changes of the 21st century energy world.

Regulatory Frameworks vs. Technologies

PGOs across the world suffer from today’s challenges at different intensity and variety. However, there seems to be a common realization. Transition in the industry is no longer driven only by regulatory frameworks, but also by technologies from the private sector. Change from that direction comes at a much faster pace than expected. And there was consensus on another vital aspect – we can’t predict what the future energy system will look like. This is why collaboration with the private sector is needed and welcome; giving rise to innovative, flexible and highly adaptable solutions that will shape the future of energy.

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