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LichtBlick is a unique IT and energy company. We’re the leading supplier of green and digital energy solutions in Germany, the heart of the energy transition.

At LichtBlick, we reinvent energy: distributed, renewable, intelligently networked. More than one million people throughout Germany – the LichtBlick community – place their trust in our pure energy. Working together for a clear vision: We want clean energy to be available everywhere, for everyone and forever in the future.

Our concept: ‘SchwarmEnergie’ cluster energy. A revolutionary concept that allows energy to be produced whenever it is needed. ‘SchwarmEnergie’ is based on a cluster management IT platform developed by LichtBlick. We call it ‘SchwarmDirigent’ and it is the only one of its kind in the energy market. Our customers benefit from the cluster because it’s our way of optimizing their local power plants and storage facilities. ‘SchwarmEnergie’ cluster energy enables distributed and renewable energy sources to work together in a practical way. This is how LichtBlick forms the heart of the energy world.

Our blog provides our users with insight into our cluster range – with interesting background information, exciting interviews, and visionary glimpses of the future era of energy.

Want to know more about LichtBlick and ‘SchwarmEnergie’? Feel free to leave a comment to contact us. You can also get in touch with the individual authors directly by e-mail.


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